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Ways to Give

Everett General Fund

Cash is versatile and always in need. Cash donations from our supporters makes up almost a quarter of our entire operating budget. Consider making a lasting impact by becoming a recurring donor. Cash donations offer flexible support and allow us to do a plethora of great things.

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Impactathon Fund

Impactathons are our newest initiative and we would love to do more of them.  Impactathons are very intense and usually on-site in the community, which means we always rack up food and transportation expenses. Your donation would make doing impactathons a lot more pleasant.

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Executive Fellow Fund

Executive Fellows are recently graduated students who work full time for the Everett Program for one to two year commitments. They are crucial to supporting Fellows and students as well as managing our major programming like impactathons. Executive fellows are paid a living wage.

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Material Donations

With dozens coming in to work everyday, Everett has one of the busiest co-working spaces on campus. Add to that our various initiatives and we have tremendous need for things like software, hard drives, post its, and coffee. Software licenses allow us to access great class-wide tools.

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Donate to the Everett General Fund

Become a Donor

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Two Ways to Give

Donate Once
Recurring Donation

The Impactathon Fund

Impactathons are a day or weekend long event where Everett students and staff support local nonprofits by creating products or conducting a training in a short and intense burst of work.

We keep costs low, but without proper funding we are limited in the frequency and scope of what our impactathons are capable of. Your donation to our Impactathon Fund will help pay for things like:

  • Food to fuel the event
  • Transportation costs
  • Overnight stays for impactathons far from Santa Cruz

Your contribution could help a local organization get the help it needs. Please give today.

Donate to the Impactathon Fund

The Executive Fellow Fund

Executive Fellows have emerged as one of the most important forces for innovation and progress in the Everett Program. Having full-time staff managing big initiatives like Impactathons allow Everett to serve civil society in new, exciting ways.

Your contribution to the Executive Fellow Fund will help ensure that students are supported and new opportunities will await them in the Everett Program.

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What Have Executive Fellows Done?

Christine Ongjoco
Christine OngjocoImpactafellow
As the first Impactathon Coordinator (aka “Impactafellow”) Christine performed the Herculean task of establishing the Everett Impactathon program. She also upped our internal design game considerably.
Monica Gutierrez-Lopez
Monica Gutierrez-LopezImpactathon Coordinator
Monica brought fire and energy to the table to bring Impactathons to the next level. She’s studied abroad, taught girls to code, and empowered women in Nigeria.
Juan Carlos Sanchez
Juan Carlos SanchezLabor Coordinator
Juan worked to integrate Everett with university labor projects like Working for Dignity. He also taught PC building and strengthened our partnership with the Digital NEST
Thomas Gelder
Thomas GelderLead Technologist
Thomas improve all processes relating to tech such as the tech lab program, shared file systems, internal communications, web design, org-to-org partnerships and documentation.
Hasnain Nazar
Hasnain NazarChief Technologist
Hasnain laid the foundation for what the whole Executive Fellowship should be. He was instrumental in building a culture of tech empowerment and enthusiasm.
The Next is up to You!
The Next is up to You!Future Executive Fellow
The difference is you! By contributing to the Executive Fellow Fund, you will help us hire stellar people and bring Everett to new heights!
Donate to the Executive Fellow Fund!

Donate Material

We have no end of needs (or desires) for the materials that make our work possible. Office supplies, computers, recording equipment, software licenses, etc. The list is endless.

We would be thrilled to receive anything that will help us in our work! If you have materials you’d like to donate from your own personal collection, please get in contact with us. Please note that we’re not in the market for old, cheap computers.

Take a look below or visit our Amazon Wishlist for some of the things we’re hoping to get. Gifts may be sent to the address listed here.

Everett Program Mailing Address

Everett Program
UCSC, Social Science 2, Faculty Services
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office Improvement

  • A couch
  • Coffee


  • WeVideo
  • LastPass for Teams


We would love to take your old computers, phones, tablets and other devices…with a few caveats. Years of receiving the generosity of lots of well meaning folks has taught us that when it comes to donated electronics, sometimes the gift can be more of a white elephant.

With planned obsolescence and the breakneck development/release cycles of consumer electronics, sometimes the devices we get are not actually usable in any meaningful way. That blueberry iMac you’ve had gathering dust may sound like a fine gift, but in practice we don’t really have a use for it.

For that reason, we ask that you consult the guidelines below.



Any Apple laptop running OSX 10.7 or higher (2011 onward)

Windows Based

No more than 4 years old. Minimum of 8GB of RAM

Desktop Computers

If you have a blinged-out rig you’d like to donate, we’d love to discuss it with you, but with limited office space and a strong student preference for laptops, we’re not currently looking for desktop computers.

Phones and Tablets


We would be happy to take any iPhone newer than the iPhone 4 and any Android device newer than 4 years old.


All tablets are welcome!