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Global Scope

We mean it when we say that UCSC students can do projects anywhere in the world. The struggle for social justice knows no border and neither do our students.

If you want to help local nonprofits in Tanzania serve their communities better, promote sustainable farming in Japan, or help battle coal companies in South Africa, Everett can connect you to our international partners.

If you want to empower the daughters of farm workers to become leaders, help teen centers communicate with parents, or fight recidivism through yoga, we can help you create a project to do closer to home.

Take a look at a sampling of some the projects UCSC students have completed throughout the years with Everett’s help.

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Social Justice Projects for any Issue

Students at UCSC have a deep connection to social justice issues. Not just one issue, but all of them. Everett is not limited to providing the tools to address a particular subset of social justice issues, we empower students to work in solidarity with communities and civil society so that any issue can be addressed.

Below you may browser our student project archives. We’ve broadly categorized them into Environmental Sustainability, Gender Equality, Racial/Ethnic Justice, Economic Justice and Health. Individual projects will be sub-categorized as well.

Environmental Sustainability

Many students at UCSC want to move their fight for the environment beyond consuming the right things towards affecting policy and empowering communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change.

Everett students partner with organizations of every type to pursue climate justice and environmental sustainability. They’ve worked with international orgs, tiny ones working in single communities, and indigenous activists fighting coal companies in the most hostile conditions imaginable. Explore what our students have done and imagine what you could do.

Explore Sustainability Projects


Human beings have a basic human right to be healthy. To be free from being poisoned, free from being forced to subsist on unhealthy foods, free from laws and customs pertaining to their bodies and reproductive systems.

Organizations around the world lead the fight for health and health justice. Many of our students come with a passion to help these organizations do their work. Everett students have fought for reproductive rights in Brazil, healthy food options in the Pajaro Valley, and against coal mining corporations in South Africa.

Explore Health Projects

Racial & Ethnic Justice

Injustice is most often distributed unequally across racial and ethnic lines. State policies and social norms mean that members of racial and ethnic minorities as well indigenous communities are disproportionately affected by inequality and injustice.

The diversity of identities and backgrounds are what make UC Santa Cruz strong, and what brings many of them to the Everett Program seeking partnership with orgs who are fighting for justice. Everett students have done projects aiding the prison population, empowering Latina leaders, protecting single room occupants in Chinatown.

Explore Racial Projects

Economic Justice

The twentieth and twenty first centuries have seen growth and the accumulation of wealth beyond our wildest dreams…for some. Communities of color, communities in poverty everywhere in America, and the global south as a whole have all watched their slice of the pie shrink decade after decade.

Hailing from many of those communities, Everett students work to build projects that will fight the global system and help organizations help their communities and bring them out of poverty and assert themselves as economic agents. Our students have worked with labor activists, educational institutions, tribal game reserves, and more to fight for economic justice.

Explore Economic Projects

Gender Equality

Common sense and empirical data show again and again that one of the best ways to improve communities, health, and the economy is to improve the lot of women and girls.

Gender equality and issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community are near and dear to the hearts of many UCSC students, so those students come to Everett to do projects. Promoting sexual health in Itacaré, empowering LGBT youth in Taiwan, and empowering Latina leaders in Watsonville and Salinas, are just some examples of what our students do.

Explore Gender Projects

Join Everett!

Does this seem like your thing? Get with the Program! Everett is open to all students at UC Santa Cruz. To find out more about what the program entails and how to join, head over to the Students Page or Get in Contact with us. We look forward to working with you!

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Partner with Everett!

If you represent an nonprofit or NGO anywhere in the world, we would love to work with you! It’s important to understand the project cycle and what you’ll be in for if you decide to work with us. Visit our Partnership Page to understand more about what our students can offer. Feel free to visit our contact page to book a consultation with Everett staff as well.

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