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What Can We Do Together?


Impactathons take the energy of traditional hackathons but shift the focus from one team winning a prize, to everyone working to impact your org. Need things like web content, videos, social media graphics, or training? We’ll come with as many warm bodies as we can to fill that need over a day or long weekend.

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Student Projects

Student projects are long term partnerships between your org and a student or group of students. They begin with a needs assessment meeting facilitated by our staff, follow with a period of project design, a round of funding, and finally implementation. Projects can take whatever form your org needs!

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Project Services

Everett students build capacity with partner organizations using accessible, often low to no cost applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Below is just a sampling of the kinds of ICTs our students employ. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Staff and students are constantly adding new ICTs and practices to our repertoire!

The Next Generation of Tech-Savvy Nonprofit Professionals

Orgs that partner with Everett often find that the student or students with whom they work are highly motivated, passionate, tech savvy, and imminently hirable. Everett is a committed member of civil society both globally as well as here in Santa Cruz County and its surrounding Counties and we want to fulfill our role of preparing the next generation of tech-savvy nonprofit professionals.

When it came to launch the Digital NEST and I needed to hire my first employees, I went to Everett. The Everett program trains students in the technical skills to bring innovation to companies but also the social justice knowledge to ensure equity in services provided.” I have worked with over 10 Everett students and have gone on to hire two of them. They have the talent I am looking for.

Jacob Martinez, Digital NEST

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