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All this is confusing to newcomers. We get it. This site was made by students and we were there not too long ago. Drop us a line and talk to Everett Fellows or staff. We can answer questions like:

  • Want to know how to join?
  • How to fit EP in with your courses?
  • Questions about how classes work?
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Schedule an Impactathon

Impactathons are incredibly exciting and can have a measurable impact for your org while introducing you to a network of highly capable, motivated, and passionate.

  • What is the timeline for doing an Impactathon?
  • What kind of work can get done in an Impactathon?
  • Find out how to bring an Impactathon to your org!
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Partner with Us

Everett students can only do their amazing work if they have someone in civil society to come to them with needs and agree to work together to meet those needs. Get in touch with us to ask a specific question or schedule a time to talk to us

  • What is the timeline like for being an Everett student project parter?
  • What is expected of partners?
  • What kind of things have Everett students done?
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Support Everett

The Everett Program runs on an extremely lean budget and we have no end of needs when it comes to supporting students. Visit our support page to see the diverse ways that you can be the difference. If you’re interested in talking with us directly, please contact us.

  • Make one-time or recurring donations
  • Gift materials and software to the Everett Program
  • Contribute to the Impactathon or  Executive Fellow funds
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